Waterlooville Community Centre

Waterlooville Community Centre
, 10 Maurepas Way
, Waterlooville
, Hampshire
, PO7 7AY

023 9225 6823


What is ‘Real’ Self-Defense about? Today’s streets are far worse than many people realize, until it’s too late. People like ‘YOU’ really do need to learn a form of Self-Defense that works, not just in a club, but also out on the streets.

We teach a Ju-Jitsu based system that runs along similar lines to Judo and Aikido. There are No fancy kicks involved and exercise is kept to a minimum.

We are a small relaxed club and only teach people of 18 years of age and over. Please note; we ‘Do Not’ take part in competitions.

Being able to walk today’s streets feeling safe and with confidence is what we are about.

If you are interested, either come along and see us on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm or, contact the community centre for further information.

Havant Borough Council

Hampshire County Council

Charity Commission